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Leader of SDP | William Clouston | #59 | Reflections & Reactions | TWOM

SDP is the future that Britain needs

In this episode, I have a conversation with the Leader of Social Democratic Party, William Clouston. I had some technical issues with the audio recording of William, so apologies for the bad quality. But I have embedded subtitles to this video, so hopefully it will help.

Things we talked about within this episode:

  1. A brief story of William Clouston’s life and how he ended up with the SDP

  2. Why is building from groundup so important for any political party that wants to have long term presence and the importance of local democracy

  3. What are his hopes for the upcoming elections

  4. The overall British Political Landscape and what it means for the future

  5. Few questions about the SDP Manifesto

  6. The problem of immigration

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