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Report: Pakistan Under Review | History & Myth | TWOM

In this episode, I take a deep dive into the various problems within Pakistan, in a way to understand the landscape. Being of Pakistani heritage through my parents and having lived there for about a decade, it gave me an insight of the many facets of the nation. But this episode is about getting in touch with ground realities and not having a rose tinted view of it all.


00:00 Intro

01:41 Overview of Pakistan

07:14 Education & Youth

15:03 Consanguineous Marriages

18:33 Porn Consumption

19:30 Poverty Rates

20:07 Public Health Overview

22:36 Rape & Sexual Offences

33:40 Islam & Sexual Abuse

36:46 Honour Killing

40:35 Terrorist Attacks Against Non-Muslims

54:56 Political Instability

57:06 Constitution & Sharia

1:07:54 Pakistan Foreign Migration

1:17:02 Pakistani Population in Britain

1:22:13 Outro

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