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Talking Politics & Elections | Pete North | #60 | Reflections & Reactions | TWOM

The pre election conversation with election predictions

In this episode, Pete North and I, talk politics. We talk about the difference between analysing a political situation and promoting party political propaganda. We talk about the overall state of British Politics and what does the future look like. And we also give our election prediction.

It is probably the most comprehensive conversation I have had over this whole election period. Pete is a knowledgeable and important voice within the British Political Sphere. He understands the need for proper policies which actually get the desired results rather than populist propaganda headlines which only get the votes. True governance and true change lies within building ground up. From local democracy to the national. And any political party that doesn’t build from the local level and with properly laid out political philosophy and internal party processes, just isn’t serious enough to bring about any real change needed.

We are living in dangerous times, in vulnerable times. Nothing is guaranteed. Least of all the existence of this beautiful and great country, as it once had been. We could very well be living through the destruction of this country and it being made into an unrecognisable image. So, it is time to start taking the workings and going ons in our country seriously. It is time to hit pause on Love Island and I am a Celebrity, and get involved. This is important. This is not just your future, it is the future of your kids and your grandkids. Do not be the generation that sees the end of your civilization, be the generation that instead solidifies it for the future.

We all have our part to play. And we must not disengage and shirk our responsibilities. I am not raising the black flag, I will never raise the black flag. Because I know, that good always prevails. As long as there are true sons and daughters of this nation willing to fight and persevere, we will prevail.

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