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I am a writer and podcaster, born during the spring of 1986, in Kuwait. I lived there till the age of 15. Although had to take a year long brief refuge in Pakistan when I was 4 years old during the Gulf War. During my mid teens, I move to Karachi in Pakistan with my family where I lived for just under a decade. After which I moved to England, where I have been living since with my Polish wife.

I prefer to see myself as a freethinker, history enthusiast, social commentator, and a bibliophile with a deep appreciation for storytelling. I advocates for freedom of thought and expression with a strong emphasis on civil liberties. My interests include exploring the abstract realities of the human mind and its absurd existence within the wonderful peculiarities of our universe.

‘Life is filled with multitude of possibilities and we should explore as many avenues of thought as our interests can hold.’

The World of Momus Podcast

Interesting facts and stories from history and mythologies mixed in with my weekly thoughts and conversations with a various host of interesting people. Also, a healthy dose of weekly wisdom with quotes, phrases, idioms, poems and essays - anything that comes from my mind to yours.

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Writer | Podcaster | History Enthusiast | Social Commentator


Writer / Podcaster. Author of, 'The Silent Betrayal' and 'Mumblings of a Fool' and Creator/Host of 'The World of Momus Podcast'.